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A new partnership puts women in rural Africa at the forefront of materials innovation

A new packaging deal with an ethical skincare manufacturer signals the start of an exciting new partnership for Teysha Technologies. The company, which has pioneered a naturally derived ‘second generation bioplastic’, has signed up to work with the Kind Planet Company in a move that supports the global empowerment of women and minorities in marginalised African communities and its desire to purge the oceans of plastic waste.

Teysha, currently in negotiations with several large multinationals about the implementation of its patented solution across a range of applications, has partnered with the Kind Planet Company in the UK to produce natural waste derived biodegradable lids for its exclusive product line. Using patented technology, the lids are designed to completely breakdown after use without leaving behind any pollutants or micro materials.

The Kind Planet Company produces a range of 100% organic skincare products. The fruits used in its products are exclusively picked, processed and packaged by women in Ghana, West Africa. As well as providing the women from 43 farms with everything they need to cultivate the fruits that are used in the products, the company also teaches them the skills so they can ensure their farms are profitable businesses that provides a regular income to help their families.

‘Teysha is on a mission to change the global packaging market and reduce the truly shocking eight million plastic items that find their way into our seas and waterways every single day,’ explained Matthew Stone, managing director of Teysha Technologies.

‘Thankfully, due to recent worldwide reporting and increased consumer awareness of the issue, people are making decisions about the brands and products they buy based more on ethical and sustainability credentials.

‘Teysha is going all the way to the original source of raw materials to ensure the empowerment of women and communities in less economically developed regions. We take responsibility not just for the sustainable materials we use in our groundbreaking packaging technology, but additionally for the products within.

‘We have strong female representation throughout Teysha from Professor Karen Wooley our CTO and the technology’s principle inventor through to our director of research and development, Dr Ashlee Jahnke. Kind Planet Company’s values, therefore, really resonated with our own.’

Teysha will begin to develop a prototype for a range of biodegradable lids for the Kind Planet Company’s exclusive skincare ranges, with product testing commencing shortly and plans to move to full scale production in the new year.

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