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Plastic gets fantastic!

Finnish wood based plastic is generating international interest – Woodly’s innovation is a carbon neutral alternative to plastic.

You don’t often hear us say ‘plastic is fantastic’. You do hear us talk about the fact that growing trees is sustainable and that paper based boards are very eco friendly. But what If you could make plastic from wood based materials too? All of a sudden, it becomes an environmental option.

That is exactly what is happening at Finnish company, Woodly Oy, which is developing a new kind of plastic that is carbon neutral. The packaging material, also named Woodly, is made of cellulose that comes from sustainably managed and FSC certified forests

Woodly is transparent and has the same qualities as regular plastic, and it can be used in the production of different kinds of recyclable packaging. The innovation has gained international attention since it received a high placement in a ranking list by Bioplastic News, a publication that evaluates bioplastic companies and brands. 

New thinking

Annually each European citizen uses about 100 kilograms of plastics, and the population growth will most likely increase the consumption of packaging in the future. In addition to the waste problem that unrecycled plastics cause, the production of plastic is also draining the world’s non-renewable resources; most of the raw ingredients that are used in plastics derive from fossil based sources.

Woodly is developing its new kind of wood based plastic that uses cellulose from sustainably managed forests as its primary raw ingredient. Woodly is designed to be recyclable, and as such, its use accelerates the shift towards circular economy. According to the company’s estimations, if each plastic package used in Europe could be replaced with carbon neutral Woodly packages, the reduction in emissions would be equivalent to 10 million people flying a round-trip around the globe.

The global breakthrough of Woodly packages is possible through cooperation with its partners – Wipak Group and Amerplast Ltd. Both companies produce plastic packages and are globally renowned operators.

‘Even though more and more people are talking about the problems of plastic, it has been estimated that the demand for plastic is going to quadruple by 2050. We cannot solve the problems caused by plastics by wishing that people will reduce its consumption. Instead, we can offer an alternative, which makes it possible for the consumption to be more reasonable and environmentally friendly,’ said Jaakko Kaminen, CEO, Woodly.

Durable and ecological

There is certainly a need for an environmentally friendly alter-native to plastic.

The development of Woodly’s material began in 2011 and the company has manufactured packaging prototypes made of the wood based plastic for companies in the consumer goods sector. Now it has been noted internationally as well, by being included in the Bioplastic News ranking of brands and companies. Woodly was ranked as 13th on the list, making it the list’s highest ranked start up company, and it was positioned above many established multinational companies.

‘It is a great honour that our efforts of making the world ecologically more sustainable has been noted internationally as well. We are working tirelessly so that in future, we will still have a material that resembles plastic, but is more durable and ecological,’ said Jaakko.

Technological innovations, such as plastics that are cellulose based and recyclable, are believed to have an instrumental role in protecting the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change. During the summer, World Economic Forum listed cellulose based plastics as the top emerging technology of 2019.

Innovation continues. Currently, Woodly is developing a product family made from a new kind of wood based plastic that can be used in the packaging of different kinds of products.

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