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Free beverage trends packaging e-book launched by Esko

Esko has announced the launch of a free downloadable e-book, ‘Trends in the Beverage Packaging Industry: Ingredients for Success’, which outlines key industry trends and the tools brands can adopt to capitalise on them for commercial success.

The global market for alcoholic beverages amounted to over $1.49 trillion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $2.2 trillion by 2025, according to Statista. Changing consumer habits during the pandemic have led to a plethora of new behavioural trends, which equates to a host of opportunities for brands hoping to capture new market share in the sector.

‘Almost a third of consumers would like to continue working from home and coupled this, over half of consumers are actively looking for tips on personal health and wellbeing. In catering to this, brands can expand into whole new categories. For example, alcoholic flavoured water known as Hard Seltzer,’ said Matthew Haws, vice president global marketing at Esko Brand Solutions.

‘When creating whole new product lines with multiple SKUs, smart brands are using digital tools to help streamline the journey and make the transition from ideation to new product launch pain free. With digital asset management (DAM) tools like MediaBeacon, external assets can be approved and made available to marketing teams to ensure promotion is extremely agile.’

The latest free resource from the Esko team covers market trends and offers deeper insight into categories such as spirits and cocktails. Packaging trends are also on the agenda with a look at digital tools for success.

As brands and retailers strive to keep ahead of the competition, technologies such as MediaBeacon and web based collaborative workflow management system, WebCenter, help them to cut to the chase quicker by streamlining packaging design projects and taking away common stumbling blocks that slow the process down.

‘The beverage industry is extremely competitive in terms of packaging design. Speed to market with new and different designs is paramount to influencing the purchasing decision ahead of rival brands. Teams that have control of their assets through digitalisation are much more likely to turn concepts into actual product ranges quickly – and more cost effectively,’ conlcued Matthew.

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