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The skull with a secret message

Oculto means hidden in Spanish and when Anheuser-Busch brought out their Mexican style lager aged in Tequila barrels they wanted a certain mystery and intrigue to their marketing.

AB InBev was interested in an illuminated bottle design featuring smart label technology but this would require many complex facets to create, not to mention co-ordinating the supply chain and timeline for the product unveiling.

Inland Packaging were on hand to help. Working with the AB InBev team Inland was able to develop a production-viable concept that helped promote the Oculto brand. The concept consisted of a pressure sensitive back bottle label with LED lights that would shine through the eyes of the mask on the front label.

To construct the smart label technology, Inland partnered with PragmatIC, a company on the forefront of flexible electronics. Together, their development allowed for a flexible pressure switch inlay, consisting of LEDs, thin film batteries, flexible integrated circuits and conductive pathways, to be placed within the label. Off-the-shelf designs were tested and optimised for the Oculto design. The intelligent circuit was then integrated within the label substrate where the thumb naturally falls while holding a beer bottle. Once pressed, the LED lights would shine through the eyes of the skull mask on the front of the bottle every three to four seconds.

Prototyping, production and printing conducted by Inland and PragmatIC meant for streamlined label efficiencies and ensured tight timelines were consistently met.

(Although this brand is no longer currently being sold, there is no reason why this pressure sensitive label concept could not be re-used).

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