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‘Tap the Can’ for an innovative connected consumer experience

Leading Scandinavian nicotine pouch brand LYFT, has launched its new ‘Tap the Can’ campaign across limited edition connected packs in the Swedish market. The activity is supported across point of sale, experiential and social. The campaign includes a national rollout of a limited number of cans each embedded with unique Near Field Communication (NFC) identification chips for mobile consumer engagement.

Developed and executed in partnership with connected consumer agency SharpEnd, the NFC enabled packaging allows consumers to unlock rewards, discover new experiences and receive personalised music mixes with every ‘tap’ of the can. The LYFT ‘Tap the Can’ campaign invites consumer to find their own ‘Summer Beat’ based on the themes of discovery and togetherness with activations planned at outdoor events throughout the summer.

‘LYFT ’Tap the Can’ is one of the innovation initiatives of the brand for 2020, giving us the ability to directly engage with consumers and deliver our brand story,’ said Josep Fuster, head of oral category for North-West Europe. ‘We aim to transform the way in which our products are enjoyed – and the interactive digital platform enhances that experience.’

‘We are proud to bring LYFT closer to its consumers by delivering unique digital identities to its products with a valuable consumer experience,’ said Cameron Worth, CEO, SharpEnd. ‘By combining our agency expertise and platform capabilities, we are changing the way brands interact with their customers.’

The campaign utilises SharpEnd’s connected data and experience platform – – to manage the unique product identities, build consumer profiles, track platform use and deliver dynamic experiences. The platform curates content based on individual data points to deliver a personalised experience. 

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Neil Simmons
Neil Simmons
04. Sept. 2022

A novel idea, but surely this will just add to the cost of the pouches? Also, isn't there a shortage of chips at the moment?

I get my pouches here:

Gefällt mir
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