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Mondi and Henkel launch fully recyclable mono-material refill pouch for Pril

Mondi and Henkel are helping consumers to wash dishes more sustainably by creating a completely new reuse packaging concept. The two companies worked together on a packaging solution for Henkel’s hand dishwashing products that allows refilling plastic bottles from flexible pouches. This supports Henkel’s sustainability targets of making 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable and reducing 50% of fossil based virgin plastic by 2025.

Since January, consumers can purchase a new keep at home refillable pump dispenser with refills in the lightweight, mono-material pouch produced by Mondi. The flexible stand up pouch reduces plastic by 70% every time it replaces rigid plastic bottles and is easy to recycle where existing infrastructure exists.

Convenient and lighter to carry home, the pouch completely empties thanks to its shaped design, leaving no residue. It is soft touch with a sturdy base so it can easily stand in-store, offering retailers attractive and eye catching on-shelf appeal while also communicating all the brand information including sustainability benefits. Mondi’s leak proof pouch is certified according to ISTA 6, providing a highly durable packaging for both in-store and online shopping.

Muriel Joncheray, global key account manager consumer flexibles, Mondi, said: ‘Sustainability is a vital element in the homecare industry and a trend that is shaping the whole market – and rightly so. At Mondi, we have defined sustainability goals that focus on circular driven solutions in our MAP2030 action plan. This includes a target to make 100% of our products reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 – just like the recyclable pouch for Henkel. Our EcoSolutions approach meant that we worked very closely with the Henkel team to create the new packaging. While the aim was to provide a solution that helped Henkel reach its sustainability targets, we also needed to ensure the materials and structure would protect the product in transit and on-shelf, preventing leakage and minimising waste.’

Carsten Bertram, head of global packaging innovation dishwashing at Henkel, added: ‘At Henkel, we recognise our responsibility related to packaging. We are committed to driving sustainable packaging and have a set of ambitious targets. Our strategy is based around circular economy and focuses on integrating recycled plastics, reducing the amount of plastic packaging, having reusable packaging and using fully recyclable packaging concepts to close the loop. Mondi was the obvious partner to help us with its expertise in creating the best possible solutions – for the product, the planet and the customer.’

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