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Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and The Tempus Project

Saxon Packaging has been working with Beavertown Brewery since the beginning of 2013 and has created a number of packaging solutions for the brewer’s range of beer.

In November 2015, Saxon Packaging was asked by Beavertown to design a new bespoke gift pack for its premium bottled beer Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

‘The beer we produce is to the highest standard we could possibly achieve – we give it our all. We have always approached our branding and design the same way, attempting to keep it on par with our beer so we wanted a gift pack that reflected this,’ said Nick Dwyer, creative director of Beavertown Brewery.

The challenge for Saxon Packaging was to create a gift pack that really stood out, was durable and kept the bottles secure. The company also looked into an alternative print finish to help the packaging reflect the quality and premium beer range it contained.

Previous Beavertown packaging had been flexographically printed, but in order for this gift pack to match its premium beer contents a lithographic print with a matt laminate finish using e-flute corrugated board was recommended.

Having been so impressed with the quality and eye catching print finish of the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde gift packs, Beavertown went back to Saxon for the more recent ‘The Tempus Project’.

The Tempus Project is a new branch for Beavertown, being mostly barrel aged and using all kinds of funky yeast and mixed fermentation. The company wanted to put a new twist on the branding whilst maintaining the signature Beavertown style. The distinctive tree like illustration (which is an icon incorporating the brew process of wood, time and bacteria) is complemented by the lithographic print process and its detail is clearly shown.

‘As a brewery known for its considered packaging its nice when people notice we have stepped it up further still, and that was absolutely the case with both of these projects,’ said Nick.

Beavertown’s Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde gift packs are sold in most bottle shops and craft beer specialists, as well as being in a number of bars and pubs across the UK. The Tempus Project packaging is yet to be released.

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