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CCL Label has launched Cantastic a new type of aluminium can packaging that offers maximum hygiene and ideal marketing possibilities for promotions.

‘This new packaging product is all about connection and protection – it guarantees maximum cleanliness from production to the point of sale in supermarkets, convenience store or petrol stations, were cans are often openly displayed in an unprotected environment to catch the attention of the consumer. With Cantastic, the cans are protected against all kinds of possible contaminations while ideally promoting the brand owner’s message,’ said Reinhard Streit, vice president and managing director Food and Beverage at CCL Label. ‘It goes further than other aluminium cans available in the market, allowing brand owners to build maximum trust with the consumers.’

He continued, ‘We see that Covid-19 has transformed the consumer landscape – trust in brands is more important than ever. Health is now connected to heightened issues of food safety and hygiene with two-thirds saying that being healthy is being safe. Improving food safety is cited as the number one priority for manufacturers.’

A study carried out by IPSOS revealed that two-thirds (66%) of consumers are ‘concerned’ with the safety of their food and the Packaging Survey released by McKinsey revealed that concerns connected to food safety and hygiene is a new trend amongst the top six packaging industry trends.

‘Once the lockdown restrictions are lifted and life becomes more normal again, we expect promotional activities from brand owners to become an important marketing tool again. Our Cantastic decoration can offers ideal space for branding and consumer communication. First, there is additional space on the lid for extra activities or design possibilities. Contests, lotteries and loyalty programmes can easily be integrated as well as virtual reality elements or special QR codes for unique and secure digital identity,’ explained Reinhard.

The especially engineered sleeve and top construction allows for normal recycling of the aluminium can which very widely recycled in most countries. Aluminium is a 100% recyclable and sustainable metal and nearly 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use. Recycling aluminium saves over 90% of the energy needed to make new aluminium.

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